Super Hero Movies, are they really that Super?

Over the last decade or so there have been a lot of super hero movies that have been released. From X-Men to Thor we have seen a wide variety of movies and an even wider variety of superheros.

It does not seem like this trend will be stopping any time soon, with Spiderman getting rebooted and the Avengers being talked about, not to mention the cascade of sequels that are bound to come out, Thor 2, Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight Rises, however do all these movies deserve a sequel?

Or are there other superheros that are more deserving of a movie?

Personally I was disappointed by both Hulks, Superman Returns, and even Thor.

As for movies being released, I think the Green Lantern will deliver, and as for Captain America I have a feeling it may be over hyped.

If you have any opinions let’s hear em: What Superhero movies have you liked? Which are you excited about? And which have you been disappointed with?


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2 responses to “Super Hero Movies, are they really that Super?”

  1. Kevin says :

    Green Lantern looks terrible. Ryan Reynolds needs to be put to rest. It looks like Thor in that the Cinematography looks exceptional, but Green Lanterns acting is what’s going to kill it. i agree though, superhero movies need to stop unless there is a reputable director’s name attached top the project. I.E. Christopher Nolan in Dark Knight. And James Cameron directing Aquaman…boom entourage reference.

  2. Peter Spain says :

    After writing this article I feel obligated to say that I have seen X-Men 1st class and it was phenomenal.

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