LA Noire premieres “The Red Lipstick Murder” Case at Tribeca


L.A. Noire, the highly anticipated Rockstar/Team Bondi collaboration, hit shelves on Tuesday.  In addition to being an awesome game with groundbreaking motion capture technology there was a lot of buzz before the game was released surrounding their premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

The game was the first ever shown at the festival in late April and it seemed to make a big splash in the film community, with creative directors of the festival elaborating on the ever-growing similarities between the film and video game mediums.  While some may disagree with the company’s selection of which case to show off, me being one of them, the part in the game (The Red Lipstick Murder) proves a crucial turning point in the character development of Noire’s protagonist Cole Phelps. 

Do you all agree/disagree with the selection of the Red Lipstick Murder?  Were there better cases that could’ve gotten shown but didn’t?  What are your thoughts on why they didn’t show another case?  You can vote in our poll below on your favorite L.A. Noire case and leave comments on this discussion.  But nonetheless, please enjoy every minute of the ground-breaking L.A. Noire as much as I have, it’s truly Kick-Ass.


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3 responses to “LA Noire premieres “The Red Lipstick Murder” Case at Tribeca”

  1. Peter Spain says :

    I haven’t started playing this yet, but I am picking it up as soon as I get back home.

  2. Peter Spain says :

    ALSO, LA Noire put a feature in the game where you can play the game in black & white, to make it “authentic” which is pretty awesome.

  3. Peter Spain says :

    I haven’t played all the missions yet, but the Golden Butterfly is a mission that puts the character in the dilemma of putting away someone who openly admits that he does some very illegal things, however, not in the case you are investigating. You are crossed with a question of morality and it is a difficult decision to make.

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