Why I Never Beat GTA IV: A Hopeless Romantic Continues Struggles With Women While Playing Video Games

Video games, and more specifically Grand Theft Auto, are ways for people to break out of their own personality.   If you’re typically the peaceful person that treats people fairly, you will change as soon you are confronted with a fictional arsenal and no (real) consequences when a person doesn’t brake their car in time and runs you over because you were jaywalking.  No matter how peaceful a person you are, everyone always replies with a “wtf?!” and pulls out an assault rifle, lights the driver up, and then steals what’s left of the vehicle.  Awesome.

I was playing GTA IV along my roommate and I unfortunately sat in on the part where Roman was shot (Yeah I’m a spoiler…I don’t really care).  Therefore, when I found out I had a choice to have an alternative ending, I broke gamer etiquette and did the exact opposite b/c I already knew what happened otherwise.  That and the fact that I wanted Kate to die.

For those who haven’t played the game, a major spoil is about to ensue.   Therefore, if you don’t want to know any more about the game, this is your warning to discontinue reading because I’m about to spoil more of the game for you.  Still reading?  Very well, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m not the greatest with women.  They annoy me at times and nothing is worse than trying to convince a chick that I just met that her awful stories are funny or have some sort of implication on my life.   GTA was an interesting outlet where I could bang a girl on the first date, or hook-up with women I met on the internet, because I don’t (always) do that in real life.  However, for some reason, Kate was different.  She was smart, honest, and emotionally unstable.  Typical.

So whatever, you go around, you take her on dates, but every time you try to get her to let you in her house, she replies with the doomed phrase, “We’re just friends”.   Like an idiot, I still continue to take her on dates, spend my hard earned money from dealing cocaine and robbing a bank, thinking that maybe one day she’ll give it up. But she never did.  Typical.

So yes, I killed Kate on purpose.  In the beginning I wanted to beat the game.  Until the frustration set in when I was sitting in front of my television for an extreme amount of time that led me to delay a couple meals.  But as I got more frustrated I realized that I was in no way shape or form motivated to avenge Kate’s death.  She had continuously led me on and took advantage of my excessive amount of money, sweet rides, and dates to strip clubs.  So I did what I never did in real life, and I walked away/turned the game off and haven’t picked it up since.  Fuck her.


One response to “Why I Never Beat GTA IV: A Hopeless Romantic Continues Struggles With Women While Playing Video Games”

  1. Nick Rajan says :

    First of let me say awesome article- Im not a huge fan of the GTA series but there are certain parts that make it hilarious when you compare the aspects of GTA to real life (which Dave Chappelle has a hilarious bit on.) Its funny though, because in GTA the most ridiculous shit happens- but how hard do you try in life to get with a girl with your hard earned cash (even if it isn’t from robbing a bank?) And when they are not interested….
    “Fuck Her”

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