A Small Character Development Exercise: Why I LOVE the Movies.

Disclaimer: This post in no way shape or form reflects Geekteamsix’s collective views on religion or love.  This is just one of our writer’s outlook on things.  We have six writers here and no filters so please don’t take this out of context.  If you wanna comment, comment on the box below or e-mail me personally.  Don’t e-mail the ADMIN.

I’m at a weird point in my life right now.  I don’t believe in organized religion.  That’s not to say that I didn’t at one time, I’m a confirmed member of the Catholic Church, and that’s not to say that I won’t ever again.  I just feel that right now it’s not the thing for me.  I believe a relationship with God should be personal and confidential and not to be shared through singing like a bunch of drones or all getting down on one knee and praying at the same time.  Call it progressive thinking brought on by college, call it spite, call it negligence or carelessness.  You may be right.  The problem is I can’t really even pinpoint a good reason why I fell out of love with my faith.

I also, for various circumstances with different women over the years, don’t believe in love at this time.  Out of these two this is probably the one I won’t come around on over the other.  I’ve been fucked over too many times.  Love is supposed to be consistent but I’ve never seen it.  How long is it supposed to last if you think you’re in love with someone?  Surely not forever!  What’s with the 50% divorce rate? Aren’t humans in their animalistic nature polygamous?   To tie into religion, why does God tempt us with the idea of cheating if he only wants us to be with one person bonded by “holy” matrimony?  Sounds sort of sketchy to me, folks.

If you want to start a religious war on the internet here then you’re ridiculous, this is a movie/gaming site, and not ChurchTalk 101.9 FM.  “Well why would you open an article with religious/love talk if it’s a movie/gaming site?”  I’m getting there; it’s serving as juxtaposition.  “Well you’re going to go to hell if you don’t believe in God!” No I’m not, you wanna know why?  Because Hell doesn’t exist.  There’s no proof.  Love also doesn’t exist for the same reason; you can’t prove Love either.  You can say “I love you” as many times as you want and do everything right by a person to try and prove it but it’s not a material object, and we can’t hold it in our hands or see it so there’s no proof that it exists.  If you think/swear/know you’re in love that’s great!  Just don’t come running to me if you get your heart broken.  All I’ll say is “I told you so.”

The movies never broke my heart and they never told me how to act or behave.  I could be anything I wanted while viewing a movie.  Role Playing:  If I wanted to embody one of the innocent bystanders in Louis’ Restaurant when Michael Corleone shot McCluskey and Sollozzo in the Godfather Part I, I could do that.  Entertainment: If I wanted to kick back and watch an action movie with my buddies and have a conversation but make sure we watched that sick slow-motion camera shot while bullets whizzed around the protagonists head, I could do that.  Academics:  If I wanted to get lost in a good film and analyze what direction the characters could’ve taken to make their situations better, I could do that.

There was a steady transgression into film-nerdom that started around my pre-teens, I’ll start at the beginning, skip some parts, and hopefully arrive at a logical conclusion to this article.  Can’t promise anything though!

I remember being 13 years old and coming home from a round of Sunday Golf, which was preceded by a mass of Sunday Church (GOD HELP US ALL!).  Me and my grandfather came back to the house and watched Caddyshack.  I was totally enamored by that trio of legendary comedians’ (Murray, Chase, and Dangerfield) quips, puns, and one-liners.  Plus that little gopher is just straight crazy son.  It was significant to me because it was one of the first instances I can remember where my legal guardians let me watch an rated R film with no questions asked.  I guess looking back on it they thought 13 was the right age for me to be an adult because there was a flurry of risqué films that I viewed over the next couple of months.

Some time after, they let me watch Pulp Fiction.  It felt like it was the first time I had ever watched a movie.  Everything about it was perfect.  And to be 13 and be able to appreciate it set off fireworks in my head.  I loved the movies after that; I worshipped the movies after that.  Movies, aside from the steady onslaught of morals and ethics brought on by Mary Mother of Christ, became my religion in an unacknowledged way (because I was a practicing Catholic).  I started obsessing over actors, directors, even screenwriters and cinematographers.  I couldn’t get enough and it’s carried on over 10 years now.  I’m 23 and am still that 13-year old film nerd to this day.  If there’s one thing I love it’s the movies.  If you haven’t gotten it yet, if there is a religion in my life it’s the movies.  Screenwriting is the bible, Citizen Kane the Old Testament, Chinatown the New Testament.  If film had a vagina wedged between her celluloid (GET IT? Weak attempt at pun with cellulite), she’d be my girlfriend.  Understand?

People judge people, people judge movies.  Movies don’t reciprocate that judgment to their viewers.   People are strange, when you’re a stranger.  Movies can be stranger, when they’re a stranger.  You don’t have to like it, if you don’t just watch another one.  It’s not like that with women or religion.  Sure if a girl breaks your heart you can just go, “I’ll get another one,” but that’s easier said than done.  And yeah you can switch religions but at what expense?  Alienation of your family/former church/former church worshipping-buddies?  No thanks!

This is non-existent in the movies friends!  It’s the great art form of our generation because it’s there to serve people’s own ideas of what they think a particular movie means.  To be judged and not judge back is a great character trait and movies are one of the few things that characterize this idea.  In film, we figure it out for ourselves in most instances and then make judgments as to what we think a character’s flaws and strengths are and what actions they should or shouldn’t take.  How can it get better than that?  Moving pictures that tell us stories we can get lost in and make various judgments about, regardless of whether the movie you’re watching is serving as entertainment or art.  You can love it without it ever breaking your heart, you can worship it because it will always be there and there will continuously be great revelations in the medium year after year, you can hate it and it won’t hate you back it will just continue to search for someone who loves it.

I propose a toast.  Tip your glasses back and drink to something most of us couldn’t live without.  To the movies!  They pick us up from bad days, they get us lost in great stories for 2-3 hours, they are love, they are religion, they are life.  Now go watch your favorite film or a new one you haven’t seen yet and get lost friends!  There is nothing better in life.


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