Halo 4 a Change

Yes, Halo 4 was announced at E3.

And in case you haven’t heard yes, this would technically be the 7th Halo game:

  1. Halo: Combat Evolved
  2. Halo 2
  3. Halo ODST
  4. Halo 3
  5. Halo Wars
  6. Halo Reach

So yes, Bungie does make a lot of Halo games, and while this is being developed by 343 industries, the company has several people from the original developer, so yes, it is most of the same people working on it.

Now there are a lot of people knocking this game just for the idea of another sequel being made, and at first I was one of these people.

However Halo has never really disappointed me, granted I never picked up Halo Wars, and ODST was not the best, but it was not a terrible game. The other four other games were all solid all received great reviews, and clearly they all sold extremely well, so why not make another?

There are plenty of games that have more than 3 sequels, we do not realize it perhaps because they do not choose to put a number after their title. ( Call of Duty, Tomb Raider)

Not to mention if it wasn’t for Halo the XBox would have a much tougher time competing with the PlayStation 2.

The Master Chief is an iconic character, and a symbol of badassery, that most gamers recognize.

So 343 decided to make another Halo. Is it just to sell the name and make money of it? Sure. Will it work? Probably?

But will the game be good? I hope so, and I have faith that it will be.

There are things that we know that need to change in the 4th game, the Master Chief looks like he is going to be marooned on an alien planet.  The ship he is on is destroyed, and Earth thinks that he and Cortana are dead. Other than that we really do not know much more about the game. But here is what I am speculating/ hoping for:

Okay your going to start a new trilogy so you better start fresh.

Covenant, no. Brutes, no. human weapons, eh, the ship is destroyed so maybe for the first couple of levels sure,but I better not see random weapon caches littered through the map. Same goes for vehicles: a warthog or 2 in the begining, then either new vehicles or none.

Enemies: New Aliens, how about not making them all hostile for a change, maybe even some interaction? MAYBE even an economy.  Now I’m not saying it needs to be a full on trade and bartering, but picking up ammo or something here and there, to sell at a particular place may not be a terrible thing to work into the game, something similar to Metro 2033 (you could sell good bullets for more shitty ones, or grenades, or health packs, etc) .

Interaction: The game is more than likely going to be a FPS, but that’s fine, they’re going to have to gut all the jet packs, and the bubble shields though because it wouldn’t make sense to have them on this new planet.  Again start fresh, make the environments different, don’t make it: start at point A run and gun to point B, repeat. Remember in the 2nd Level of Halo, where you had to go to three different locations to beat the level but it didn’t matter what order you did it in, or the level where you sneak onto the covenant ship, but you can stay silent? Do more things like that with a few variables thrown in, make it NEW.  The trailer does show what looks like the Master Chief adding a silencer to his pistol in the trailer @0:50.

Setting: This new planet: If I had to make a guess, it is probably going to be an old Forerunner planet/ ship.  Good, that’s fine, it connects with the Master Chief, it relates and adds to the back story of the previous games, it works. Personally though I would make it a ‘ghost’ planet, the Forerunners shouldn’t be all hanging out and giving you missions, they’re supposed to be DEAD, keep em that way. Make all the interaction through computers and messages. Make the planet inhabited by some other alien that is just mooching of the forerunners tech.

Don’t rely on the suit, or Cortana. The Master Chief has been an icon yes, but really it is the armor that makes Master Chief.  Expose him a little more, figuratively and literally, put the player in situations where they feel more vulnerable. As stated above, throw some variables in, one of the variables could be the suit doesn’t work, make the player have to be stealthy. The new planet could F*** with Cortana and give her mixed signals so when Cortana is setting your way points, and giving you advice, she’s not as reliable as she thinks she is, she was glitchin out in Halo 3, so the downward spiral should continue. The Chief doubting Cortana will really add to the effect that he is ALONE on this new planet.

Who know’s what Halo has in store for us, but I am rooting for it.  I think that if they don’t make the same game and just add an over powered force field, and a few other neat power ups, but really gut everything out except for the basics, and build a new game on a very sturdy foundation, we will have a great new trilogy.  Better than Star Wars at least…


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