Game of Thrones Season in Review

If you haven’t caught on to this summer’s blockbuster TV show Game of Thrones, you need to jump on the bandwagon. Possibly the best show on television currently, Thrones’ first season has been fantastic. Based on the bestselling novel series by George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones is set in a dark, medieval fantasy world where several royal families are all vying for the Iron Throne, the story’s seat of power. Think of it as one reporter puts it, “The Sopranos meets The Lord of the Rings.” If you haven’t watched the show, you may not want to read below as there are MAJOR plot spoilers. Once again, beware, spoilers below.

From the beginning of the show’s pilot episode I have been hooked. Most of the time TV producers tend to come up with silly or childish fantasy settings with lots of magic and monsters, etc, but Thrones does something to the fantasy genre that no show has done before, it has tuned it almost specifically towards a more mature audience. The first episode is filled with beheadings and lots of sex, something the usual HBO viewer will be quite used to. It also, however, is filled with some of the most amazing and well developed characters I’ve ever watched on screen. Throughout the first several episodes of the season these characters become even more defined and we grow to love, or hate (and I mean HATE), each and every one of them. Just as the season draws to a close, and we feel like we know most of the characters on a personal level, they thrown in the ace: the execution of possibly the shows most prominent and lovable character Ned Stark.

The season finale of the show last night proved that it is willing to throw its fair share of monkey wrenches at its viewers along the way. We see most of the major characters embarking on new paths, as well as leaving us with huge cliffhangers with most of them as well. As the show progresses, these paths will become even more intertwined, and will be forced to rely on each other. Now that I’ve hopefully gotten you even more hooked on the show, you will be as disappointed as I am to learn that the next season doesn’t premiere until next spring. If you are impatient like I am, go pick up the books and read ahead, because I know that’s what I’ll be doing for the next 9 months.


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2 responses to “Game of Thrones Season in Review”

  1. Peter Spain says :

    A good point on the characters, is that unlike some series, that make it very clear on who is bad, and who is good, take Harry Potter for example, the Malfoy Family is hated, no one likes them and they are evil. Throne’s however makes a similar contrast but it is not as clear cut.
    The Lannisters for the most part are pretty easily hated, however Tyrion Lannister isn’t hateable at all. Making it difficult to root for the right family.

  2. Dana Leonard says :

    You definitely nailed it with the character developments, no question about it. What amazes me the most is the fact (for those of you that have read any amount of the novels) that these developments are IDENTICAL to how they were portrayed in the books. Each chapter is from a different character’s point of view and goes on for pages at a time, yet they can cut the entire novel down to a 10 episode season and still manage to get all of the unspoken thoughts across. I appreciate the fact that HBO has only enhanced what Martin wrote and seems to put some serious directing into each and every look that these characters give each other. I hate to say it but you almost don’t even need to read the book series with the television series being this on point, even though you should anyway. Regardless of all this plot/character thought (normally not my thing…. I prefer mindless 30 minute sitcoms and chick flicks…. shallow, I know), HOW could you not be anticipating every Sunday at 9 because of the opening credits and the incredible soundtrack alone. EPIC.

    Also, Spain you’re right about Tyrion Lannister but who knows what’s going to happen with the power he’s apparently going to get…. I’m starting book two tomorrow.

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