Video Gamer Terminology 101

So as some of you know I lost my hard drive, and with that my documentation that I had been working on for the blog. I thought I would make this funny/interesting list for gamers about all the different terminology out there for various games. Keep in mind, all of these terms have been created throughout the years by developers or players themselves. This is also the first version, and it will be updated when I think of more- enjoy

Game Terminology

Buff – This happens when a game is patched. It refers to the character/skill/weapon getting better in order to make it more balanced. For example in fighting games a special move could’ve been buffed to have more frame advantage/invincibility frames or in a FPS a weapon could’ve been buffed to do more damage or have less recoil when fired.

Nerf – Essentially the opposite of buff. For example the plasma pistol was nerfed from Halo 2 to Halo 3 because they made it so you couldn’t just run around the map charging it, because it ran outta juice.  OR they need to nerf the shit outta the rocket launcher because its too fucking good. (Im always salty when I get shot by that thing)

Grind  – Refers to monotonous fighting of mobs in RPGS. You know when you die and die and die on a boss and you just cant beat it, so you go back and continually fight enemies in order to level up more  until you wanna rip your eyes out ? That’s grinding. Grinding mainly refers to leveling up.

Farm/Farming – This is different from grinding but just as painstakingly boring. It refers to continually fighting enemies/harvesting resources/anything you can think of that is boring and gets you something. Happens all the time in MMORPGS . Where grinding refers to a characters level, farming refers to resources for the character.

Teabagging – Usually in reference to FPS games, but happens in fighting games too. Happens when one player defeats another, and repeatedly crouch so that their ass/groin is directly on top of the defeated players face. You only need to watch the first 30 sec of this to get the idea.

Owned/Pwned – everyone knows what this means, but believe it or not gamers started this phrase – that guy got owned

Ragequit –

A player gets so angry at the game/whoever they are playing that they just quit.

Noob – You’re a noob if you are a beginner and you suck. Noobs. – hes an angry noob


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