10 Tolerable Chick Flicks

If you are in a relationship you know how difficult it can be sometimes when two people decide they want to go out to the movies. The boy wants to see True Grit, the girl wants to see Blue Valentine. It is an age-old dilemma that sadly we all must face. Fear not I have put together a comprehensive list of movies that (hopefully) the two of you will enjoy.

Bridesmaids: This movie came out recently, and IT WAS FUNNY. Judd Apatow helped produce it, so you can expect a few laughs.  Yes this movie is about a wedding and it is marketed towards women, however there were a couple of times in the theatre where someone cracked a joke and it sounded like only the men laughed, so there was a nice balance. In the end if  your girlfriend wants to go out, and is pushing for this movie guys, it’s not going to be awful.

Tangled: Tangled is a Disney animated movie, and really Disney never disappoints. Sure Princess and the Frog could be on the list too, along with any other princess movies.  There always a good rental and they might be predictable but the story isn’t terrible, and you’re going to have a few laughs.

Black Swan: I heard several times that guys didn’t want to see this movie because they didn’t want to sit through something about ballet. This movie goes way beyond just that. Natalie Portman does a GREAT job acting a schizophrenic dancer that is obsessed with perfection, and Mila Kunis does a good job of acting her opposite. It is a thriller in the true sense, the music is done to perfection, and will leave you in suspense. Final note, yes there is a sex scene, and yes it is pretty hot. I’m going to get in trouble with my girlfriend but if it helps you guys out, its worth it. You’re welcome.

Love Actually: Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson starred in Taken, Star Wars, Schindler’s List, and Michael Collins is a badass, and he is in this movie as well. Any way its a movie about a bunch of different people and how they all their lives connect in different ways. It’s English humor but it’s actually really funny.

Mean Girls: A poppy tweeny flick about the outcast girl that becomes part of the in-crowd and then realizes that she’s not who she used to be. That’s basically the whole plot. However the funny one liners, and the exaggerated truth about highschool life is really funny, and this movie is more of a comedy than chick flick.

The Proposal: This one definitely leans more towards chick flick. However, I saw it recently and it was funny and not torture to sit through. Ryan Reynolds is funny, and I have a soft spot for Sandra Bullock.

Sleepless in Seattle: The definition of a romantic comedy. However, anything that has Tom Hanks in it is going to be good, and this is better than You Got Mail in my opinion.

What Women Want: A movie about a guy who can read women’s thoughts. Yes, women love this because they see a guy transformed into a sexist pig into this ideal man who knows exactly how to treat a woman. Guys think its funny because it makes fun of some of the stereotypes that are put on woman and what they think guys should do.
The Princess Bride: This movie is a classic.  The story is great, there is action, there is comedy, witty dialogue, sword fighting, Andre the Giant, and the kid from Wonder Years! It is a classic and really everyone can appreciate this movie.
There were a couple of movies that could be the 10th, Legally Blonde is funny, Titanic is a classy, Pretty Woman is good, My Big Fat Greek Wedding isn’t bad.
However for the last one on the list:
Any movie that’s about a dog. Girls love dogs, a dog is a guys best friend it just works. Below is a list of a few dog movies that you both will enjoy. Happy watching everybody.
My Dog Skip, Marley and Me, Turner and Hooch (again Tom Hanks), Beethoven, Bolt, Eight Below, and UP
*All the videos were obtained through Youtube.com

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