Ok this list is self explanatory, but keep in mind im not actually talking about how good the actor would be at running- Im talking about how well they run in the film, how believable it is that they are running fast (and with proper form I guess…)


* I take no credit on any of the links posted to this blog


Tom Cruise

He is the first person that came to my mind when I thought about this list. Clearly he is something amazing at movie running, because there are a lot of Tom Cruise running montage’s already created. He has great facial expressions too while he runs.

Will Smith

Another great movie runner, and its more believable because he is in great shape to begin with. This is a great example of the chase scene in MIB.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is a typical action star but he really shines in movies where he is running. For example, this is a clip from “US Marshalls” where he is running from Tommy Lee Jones. Watch the first couple minutes and you’ll see his athleticism.

Jackie Chan

I had to give this guy some love. My childhood action comedy hero- not only is he a beast at free running, but he does all his stunts himself so mad props to Jackie Chan. Here is a chase scene from Rush Hour (sorry for quality)

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was pretty awesome in Troy. This is a clip of the myrmidons storming the beach as Achilles leads them.

I know there are plenty of other great movie runners, but finding clips on youtube is a bitch. RUNNER ups (haha) – jason statham, matt damon, cuba gooding jr., angelina jolie..and many more.


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One response to “BEST MOVIE RUNNERS”

  1. Peter Spain says :

    Another good one is Daniel Craig int he opening of Quantom of Solace

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