Why Entourage Sucked Last Season

Entourage is synonymous with HBO and summer premium television programming and with the 8th and final season hot on our heels (release date: July 24th, 2011) it is hard to know what to expect from this show that once dazzled and hit the funny bone every time.  Honestly, the perennial summer television highlight from HBO, steadily over the last two seasons has become nothing more than mediocre, and with my expectations as high as they were last season in particular, it was really nothing less than terrible.

What makes great television?  In great shows the acting and writing stay consistent from the first episode to the final episode, working off of each other to build significant character arcs and, in the case of most, engrossing plotlines.  It is hard to do this for most, which is why most TV is bad.  Writers have to keep in mind how their characters acted in season 1 when writing season 10, and there may have been 10 years of down-time in between there.  This makes it hard to a) keep in mind the characters former flaws/traits and how they have changed over the course of the show and b) keep things fresh.  It’s a constant battle for TV writers who I believe have the biggest pressure-cooker job in show business.

Now you would suspect that HBO could sustain quality over several seasons with one show as evidenced by The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  However with Entourage the acting and writing have digressed so much over the last season and a half it had gotten to the point where all I cared about was if (really? really more like when…) I was going to see Sasha Grey naked again.  Or if I would ever get another glimpse of Sloan’s side-boob/top-of-ass. Thinking about it, it might be just the side of Sloan’s silhouette considering with Sasha all I would have to do is walk to my computer located a few feet from my bed, type a few indicating words into any search engine and… BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!  And guys, as hot as Sloan is, I’ll take watching an excellent TV actress with pin-up girl good looks over Sloan any day of the week.  I’m talking about  Mary-Louise Parker from Weeds, of course, currently in its 7th season on Showtime.

Does anybody remember the days when topics of substance in Entourage were getting laid as much as possible and where the gang’s next bag of weed was coming from? What about randomly encountering high school parties after Aquaman premieres to the tune of 100 million dollars?  Or birthday parties on cruise ships?  The fun days of the show have been replaced by brutally incoherent drama.  Not to mention that the meaningless cameo aspect of the show has become about as overbearing as the aforementioned melodrama.  They should’ve stuck with the fun-loving comedy that had a little dash of drama to it here and there.  Instead it’s taken the in-your-face style of drama route which only works if you started out that way.

Maybe if they didn’t spend all their time trying to get famous people, who usually suck anyways, on the show the execs could’ve spent their time tying up loose plot-ends or focusing on developing comprehensible twists.  There was a part in last season where they tried to convince us that Vince’s friend Turtle had never seen a bag of coke?  Are you kidding me?  He grew up in the ‘hood of drug-ridden Brooklyn then moved to glitz n’ glam Tinseltown with all the money and the toys but had never seen a single bag of cocaine?   The naivete by the people who surrounded Vince during his dark days of drug-use was so frustrating I almost wanted to see all of them fail because of their stupidity.  Drama’s house got foreclosed on too because he doesn’t have a job or any money?  Say, didn’t he own a bar in New York still?  Didn’t you, the writers, drop a line in there a couple seasons back saying the bar was turning profit?  What about a follow-up?  No, no follow-up? Ok.  Doesn’t make sense though.  You could’ve dropped another quick line like you did the last time so that the loyal fans, which are probably the only fans still watching, wouldn’t be thinking about this hole in the character’s story.

These are just some of several small complaints that fit into a large unintentional attempt this show has to alienate its viewers.  I don’t think the makers of the show are doing it on purpose, at least I hope they aren’t.  I want it to be good again, unfortunately the writing has turned the characters unbelievable and I don’t know if they can recover in time.  Given that the last season is about to reach dawn they don’t have much time to turn things around.  The writing has made the actors look terrible too.  The dialogue just doesn’t pop like it used to and it proves that the actors weren’t as good as the writing.  When a stupid line is delivered with unwaveringly bad facial expressions viewers tend to notice.  And since the writing has bottomed out we’re left with something….. something…. you know what?  I don’t even know what to call it.  I don’t want to call it names because, like a bully to the skinny kid in school, that skinny kid is going to come back and kick his ass later on in life symbolically or physically.  Trust me, I really do hope entourage kick ass next season.  Like, serious ass-kicking.  Like, on par with Kratos ass-kicking! “I AM THE GOD OF WAR, NONE SHALL DEFY ME!”  But I digress.

However, I’m afraid I’m stuck in a now unhappy marriage with this show.  I loved it at one time, I hold on to those good times to try and make it work for both parties’ sake. Unfortunately, I’m afraid this relationship is taking a right turn down divorce street.  Did I mention that they’re going to make an Entourage feature film after season 8 is over?  Yeah they’re doing that.  Another HBO movie, good lord here we go.   I’ll tell you this though, if Season 8 doesn’t truly sparkle I am going to save the 10 dollars that would have gone happily to that feature film they are planning and get myself two packs of Camel Lights.  Hey, who knows?  Maybe if they’re a dollar off a pack I might get some SKITTLES too.  Mmm, I love Skittles.


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One response to “Why Entourage Sucked Last Season”

  1. nickrajan says :

    Haaha ohh man….the interesting thing is that I don’t even really watch Entourage (aside from an episode here and there) but this applies to all TV series that just get dragggggggged along until there is nothing. I feel as though Weeds and Californication are getting to be this way for me. Hopefully they dont fuck up the movie though for Entourage

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