At E3 Irrational Games show cased a 15 minute video featuring game play from their new game. Last night it was shown for the first time on Spike TV.

If you missed it here it is:

Go to their website for more details:

This demo is near perfect and shows us a taste of everything. There is the beautiful environments, which is a nice change up from the murky depths of the games predeseccors.

Choice was a big concept in the first game and it seems like that will continue with Infinite.

We see that not all the NPCs are going to shoot you on site and that you are sometimes offered the choice of opening fire or just letting someone who’s given you the finger pass by.

Elizabeth also gives you the choice of taking a direct route or a different one which may or may not offer supplies.

We see how you can now interact differently with the NPCs, getting the choice to influence Elizabeths’ decisions or choosing to turn enemies’ attention to yourself to prevent an execution.

The demo shows Elizabeth’s powers and how she can manipulate the area around you using ‘tears’, and how you decide where and when to use her powers.

There is a new way to move around the maps using the rail system. It is essentially train tracks in the sky that can be accessed any time by using a hook that is attached to your arm.

It seems that the developers have shifted from a cycle wheel style weapon system, to a 2 weapon system.

The game also shows a ‘tribute’ to the Big Daddy from the 1st  BioShock where the main enemy’s eyes change color showing its hostile, neutral, or friendly state.

As a final note, very early on in the game, Elizabeth opens a tear and the movie playing is Return of the Jedi.

The clip was obtained from Youtube


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