Diablo 3 Going to Offer in Game Auction for Real $$$

Diablo III may be one of the most anticipated games. The game was announced in 2008, but the prequel was released over 10 years ago, and it’s still a very popular online game.

Rob Pardo the Executive VP of Game Design does an interview with GameTrailers and discusses some of the new features in Diablo 3, if youre like me though you will keep re-watching it for all the gameplay clips.

Around half-way through the video he mentions that the game will feature an in game auction system for REAL money. This is the first time I have ever heard of a game doing this, and knowing that its Blizzard I am sure that they will be able to pull it off.

Check out the Video Here 


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One response to “Diablo 3 Going to Offer in Game Auction for Real $$$”

  1. nickrajan says :

    I think Blizzard has realized how much people are actually paying for items in various games even if it is done illegally. For example- Chinese gold farmers? These were Chinamen hired to just sit and play World of Warcraft, and farm gold. Companies sold this gold to people through their website. Diablo III is just making it LEGAL because they can make money off of it. Another game, Heroes of Newerth used to be $30 to buy, but now its free and they have created a shop in which it costs real money to upgrade the game (if you want more costumes, taunts, avatars etc.) There is a lot of potential in this business. I say we make prison inmates post up in Diablo III- teach them how to farm, and make them do it for 5 hours each day to boost the economy.

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