Your Weekly Movie Drinking Game Recommendation (4/23-4/29)

Hello everyone.  This is the first installment of a new segment at A Bunch of Slackers.  In this weekly segment we will watch movies and drink during them so as to experiment and share with our readers the best and not so best movie drinking games that people have thought of and recommended.  Future recommendations are always welcome.  Keep in mind that a good movie drinking game involves a certain funny/dramatic/ironic instance that is repeated several times over the course of the film.  For example, how many times does Paul Walker say “bro” in the first Fast and the Furious, or any of the Fast and the Furious movies for that matter?  I can estimate that it would be enough to get me to 5:00 Eastern Hammertime.  Seriously, he says “bro” way too much.  Perhaps I’ll do this one later; the least it could do is make that movie more enjoyable.  But I digress.

I know that I’m the guy who wrote an article entitled “the 7 reasons you shouldn’t drink while watching movies.”  I stick to what I wrote that enlightening day in all your lives but I also claimed in there that I may or may not be an alcoholic and that drinking and watching movies was nothing new to me.  I was also trying really hard to be funny, something I struggle with daily.  But hey this is an entirely different animal people!  If you think you can hold your shit and enjoy a good movie all the while being coherent enough to be able to mark your tallies for drinks then it’s all you.  Another angle you could take with our recommendations is to get to the point of inebriation in which you can’t enjoy the movie.  No matter how hard you try the alcohol won’t let you.  Even another angle would be to drink a whole lot to make the movie go from bad to great.  Whatever your heart desires, there’s something here for everyone.  Enjoy yourself and hopefully our recommendations can turn a boring Saturday night-in into something a little more exciting.  Allow me to explain the rules!

Rules:  We pick a recurring instance of some event, saying, object in a movie and watch for it every time it happens.  (Tip:  It’s easier to do this with movies you’ve already seen so you’re not distracted at key plot points.)  We then take a “sip” every time this occurrence happens.  A sip can be a coffee-like sip or, at most, 1/4th of your drink, I’d say try to keep it in between.  We’ll then take our experiences and rate the drinking game on a scale of 1 to 5.  And that’s it!  That’s the last time I’ll explain the rules and ramble.  Aren’t you so glad?  To your drinking game!

Movie: Dazed and Confused (1993)

Runtime: 103 minutes (1 hour, 43 minutes)

Event:  Every time the main character… wait, stop!  Is there a main character here?  Probably not, so  we’ll just call him “that girly looking freshman kid that’s always in danger of getting his butt-kicked, plays baseball, and is anti-social as hell but somehow gets the girl at the end.”  Or, the kid that is pictured above.  Ok, now that’s out of the way the event is every time that kid touches his hair or face. Clearly.

Drink Chosen:

Number of “sips”: 40

Beers drank:  3 and a half

Summary:  When I set out to do this I thought I’d drink way more than four beers, turns out this one was a little tricky.  We don’t see this character for the first ten minutes of the movie and he doesn’t touch his face until about 20 minutes in.  After that there are certain periods of lull.  15 minutes here goes by where he doesn’t do it, another ten minutes there.  However, friends cursed with “the thirst” there are points that appeal to you.  There is a sequence of about 40 seconds where he touches his face 10 times in a row and another within five minutes of that where he does it another 8 times.  This segment accounts for 18 of a total 40 sips.  All in all despite the pacing of the event at hand and the sporadic nature within the movie this is about an average one.  A total of 3 1/2 beers drank in 15 minutes shy of 2 hours.  I was buzzing and I have a high tolerance so you will too.

BunchofSlackers rating: 2.5/5 (I’m a little tipsy but I could be drunker, I’m a little entertained with this game but I’m more entertained just watching the movie).  Good for a light drinking game if you want to pregame or to just enjoy a couple to a good movie.

Enjoy peeps!  Look for us next week and remember recommendations are always welcome.  One love!


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One response to “Your Weekly Movie Drinking Game Recommendation (4/23-4/29)”

  1. Jennifer Davis - MOM says :

    Best holiday movie drinking game – Watch the cartoon version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, break off into 4 groups – each group needs to be named after a character – examples “Whos”, “Christmas”, “Cindy Lou”. As each group hears there group name they must drink and everyone must drink when they hear Grinch….It is a riot!

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