Your Weekly Movie Drinking Game Recommendation (4/30-5/6)

In case you’re wondering what I’m listening to while I write this and I know you’re all on the edge of your seat!  It’s Phoenix.  The indie-rock group Phoenix from France.  All day long.  What a great band, they are so cool.  With their rolling guitar and pronounced keyboard melodies coupled with great vocals and lyrics, the band fr- ahh, what am I doing?  I’m supposed to be talking about a drinking game and a movie.  Sidebar alert!  Screw it.

Somebody got DRunk last night.  Somebody got cute and decided that it’d be a good idea to do a drinking game on a Tuesday night being unaware of what the possible outcome could be.  Well, two people because I played this one with a good friend, I’ll just refer to her as Helen of Troy.  (SHOUTOUT!:  Thanks for doing this with me.)  I knew going into this it would be an ambitious one and having seen the movie I was certainly aware of the excessiveness of this event.  However, I never really thought of it in terms of drinking and exact numbers.  Truthfully, the only research I did was to see if this had been done before.  And while I’m sure thousands of people have attempted this around the world on a whim or on the regular not a soul has written about it.  They have drinking games for this movie online but none of them pertain to what I’m going to enlighten you on.  So I thought what the hell?  Enjoy!  But wait, the rules, I promise I won’t do this too much more.

Rules:  We pick a recurring instance of some event, saying, object in a movie and watch for it every time it happens.  (Tip:  It’s easier to do this with movies you’ve already seen so you’re not distracted at key plot points.)  We then take a “sip” every time this occurrence happens.  A sip can be a coffee-like sip or, at most, 1/4th of your drink, I’d say try to keep it in between.  We’ll then take our experiences and rate the drinking game on a scale of 1 to 5 drunkedness.  On to it!

Movie: The Big Lebowski (1997)

Runtime: 118 minutes (1 hour, 58 minutes)

Event:  Any time you hear the word “dude” or read it.

Drink Chosen:  Beer

Number of “sips”: I counted 117 but I checked IMDB this morning and it said this occurred a total of 161 times (160 spoken, 1 flashed in movie credits for fake film “Gutterballs”.)  Hmm… some must’ve slipped through the cracks, I wonder why?  Not paying attention?  That’s hardly the case.  Think about it like this; 161 sips over the course of 118 minutes is 1.36 sips a minute.  If you don’t know, now you know…

Beers drank:  6 3/4ths on 117 and I was taking it easy.  Beware children, you can bank on 8-9 if you don’t miss 40+ “dudes” like I did.  Wow.

Summary:  Jesus Christ.  Holy crap.  Never again.  Seriously the most intense drinking game I’ve played in a while.  The “dude” obsession starts 2 minutes into the movie and doesn’t stop until the very end.  By about the 15-minute mark I was 2 beers deep and already wishing that Jeff Bridges would stop hanging out with John Goodman and Steve Buscemi.  They call him “dude” every time they speak to him.  Even the bartender at the bowling alley and the random Cowboy narrator call him that.  It’s insane.  We were like, are you kidding me?  But we kept plugging along.  I remember Helen of Troy saying to me at the 25-minute mark, “I think you’ve found a good one here homie,” because at that point we were buzzing already but it seemed like there would be certain extended periods of where we wouldn’t have to be relegated to this torture.  We were horribly mistaken.  For every 5 minutes you don’t hear a “dude” you can bank on a scene in which Jeff Bridges is hanging out with John Goodman being right around the corner.  We all know what that means.  Example: “I’m talking about unchecked aggression here, Dude.  I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand Dude – were you listening to the Dude’s story Donny?  Were you listening to the Dude’s story Donny?”

This is certainly a fun but overwhelming one.  I’d suggest learning a lesson from me and saving this for a Friday night when you don’t plan on going out.  I know the dude abides.  You should too.  At least do it on a night in which you don’t have to work the next day.  Also, do this one with a friend.  I probably would’ve passed out if I was by myself.

Who has an Advil for me?

BunchofSlackers rating: 5/5 (DUDE.  I’m drunk.)


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