Album Rec’s For Your FACE!

I’m feeling nostalgic today.  In honor, here’s some obscure and famous album rec’s from the old days, modern and classic, that’ll hopefully get you through your current day.  Enjoy music junkies!

*Nostalgic & Obscure Modern Album Recommendation*:  The Greenhornes, Dual Mono (2002)

Summary:  If you love Classic Rock, there is something here for you.  The album strings together 12 songs of blazing guitar melodies and the occasional drifting keyboard bit.  Each song sounds like an homage to the past, whether it’s Fleetwood Mac or late 60’s psychedelia.  This band is also the home and birthplace of Raconteur’s drummer Patrick Keeler and bassist Jack Lawrence.  Jack White approves of these guys and it’s apparent why.

Key Track(s):  “Too Much Sorrow”, “There is an End”, “Gonna Get Me Someone”


*Nostalgic & Famous Modern Album Recommendation*: The Strokes, Is This It? (2001)

Summary: What is there to say that hasn’t already been said?  The Strokes burst into international stardom almost overnight  back in 2001 with this blissfully repetitive record.  The repetitiveness is a double-edged sword here.  It’s what makes the record beautiful but it’s also what makes my relationship with this record on-and-off.  Not out of the ordinary for me to go a year without listening but beware kids! If you plan on reconnecting with this record, like I just did, or somehow haven’t heard it yet much like a Rice Krispie you are in for a delightfully addicting treat.  11 tracks and 35+ minutes of endlessly playable stripped-down rock.

Key Track(s): “Barely Legal”, “Someday”, “Is This It?”, “Last Nite”, “New York City Cops”


*Nostalgic & Obscure Classic Album Recommendation*: King Crimson, In the Court of the Crimson King (1969)

Summary: This is the weirdest album I’ve been blessed to listen to in the past few weeks.  A progressive rock classic King Crimson blurred the lines of what was acceptable in rock music.  They went away from what was largely a blues-based genre in the late 60s and substituted it for a melodic jazz and symphony element.  This is a wholeheartedly original record that you shouldn’t turn away because you don’t like it the first time as it only gets better with repeat listens.  It’s like Memento for your ears, just when you think you’ve figured it out you’re wrong!  Pete Townshend, guitarist/songwriter of The Who, calls it “an uncanny masterpiece.”  Enjoy.

Key Track(s): As it is a concept album it’s hard to say but I’ll go with, “21st Century Schizoid Man.”  Kanye West samples this on “Power.”

*Nostalgic & Famous Classic Album Recommendation*: The Best of Earth Wind & Fire, Vol. 1 (1978)

Summary: I had to give you a “best of” for this soul and R&B group as they were a single and radio based group.  There’s no need to be pretentious in describing their music, it’s just plain Fun with a period.  At least they put some thought into their name.  Prepare to dance and sing for hours!

Key Track(s): “September”, “Shining Star”, “Can’t Hide Love”

Hope this is music to your ears and you find something here that you enjoy as much as I do.  Have a good Friday my dear friends!


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