Review: The Avengers

My first midnight premiere of the year, the first of many, was Marvel’s The Avengers. I was not disappointed.

From beginning to end there was non-stop action and incredible set pieces that kept me engaged fully. The almost two and a half hour movie flew by and left me wanting more. Writer/director Joss Whedon gives every nerd in the world the movie we all want and deserve and has raised the bar for all superhero movies to come.

The action sequences in the movie were phenomenal, but the movie wasn’t without some faults. There seemed to be an over abundance of “one-liners” that at some points were funny, but as the movie progressed, they became tiresome and overused. I enjoyed how lighthearted the movie felt, but a few less jokes throughout would have made the movie perfect. The aforementioned lightheardeness reminded me of watching Marvel cartoons as a kid. It gave off that good old-fashioned comic book feel that every superhero movie should.

Now for the characters. As usual Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., was the solid centerpiece of the film. He fits the role of Tony Stark perfectly and I don’t think you could find a better actor to play him. Thor and Captain America, played by Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans respectively, were also good, but seemed dull and uncolorful at times, especially Captain America. There were a few times when it seemed like Captain America was just watching the other heroes beat up bad guys while he waited patiently on the ground (not having the ability to fly as a superhero must be a huge let-down). Lastly, we come to the Hulk. Bruce Banner stole the show. Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, finally gave us the Bruce Banner from the comic books. The other actors to have played the Hulk in the past were good, but Ruffalo stole every scene he was in and played a perfect Banner. There is a 10 second scene between Loki and the Hulk that is absolutely worth the price of admission. I expected the Hulk to be a side character of sorts, but leaving the theater he was my favorite character from the entire film.

The Avengers started a great year for movies off with a bang and set itself at the top of the list for Marvel superhero movies. I highly recommend this film to movie and comic book fans alike.


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