My First Day With Diablo 3

My first full day with the game was completed today as I was not able to log on at all yesterday because of multiple bugs and server outages that were being experienced by almost everyone. Some might say this is a bad sign for Blizzard, but all it really means is that open night/day sales far surpassed what Blizzard was expecting. This is a GOOD thing, even though the servers were a little rough for the first couple of hours.

Since I was in the beta for a couple months, the first quest of Act I was a little repetitive. They had changed a few things and made it a bit more difficult, but other than that it was the same opening quest: venture into the depths of Tristram Cathedral and figure out what caused a gigantic star to fall from the sky. Players who are familiar with past Diablo titles will feel right at home in the new an improved town of Tristram. I played the Witch Doctor class in the beta and decided to stick with it for the live release. I was a little underwhelmed with its performance at first but as I finished the first act and started making headway into the second he got a lot more powerful. Playing through the game with a few friends, I find myself dealing a lot more damage than the other members of my party, a Monk and a Demon Hunter.

One last thing I would like to comment on before I dive back in is the environments. My expectations were definitely blown away. Every location and dungeon is absolutely gorgeous. The close up textures and the distant backgrounds both look colorful and dark in keeping with the art style of the previous games. I have been through dungeons, cathedrals, deserts and jungles and each one has been distinct and interesting in it’s own way. I’m barely into Act II and I can not wait to see what else the artists at Blizzard have come up with. Look for another post from me in the next few days as I break the halfway point of the game and get into Acts III and IV.

And here is my character with the awesome Caldeum log-in screen:


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