The Ultimate Sports-Gaming Series (NBA 2k12)

Hello people!  I’m here to talk about a basketball simulation and a recent competition I had with said simulation but what is at the forefront of my mind right now are those before-and-after-balding-cures-for-Men commercials.  Those things are ridiculous.  They show the depressed bald guy before, then the newly acquainted ridiculously good looking guy after.  In addition to re-establishing your hairline apparently these balding cures give you MUSCLES and a TAN!  You don’t even have to look close or put your contacts in to see that the “before” is not the same person as the “after.”  Then it gets worse when the women in these say things like, “oh my God he just looks so much better now, I love him more and more each day.”  Because you didn’t love your husband when he didn’t have strands of protein growing out of his head?  Oh Lucille, you’re so shallow.  Don’t take those floaties off when you stray from the kiddy-pool you might drown.

Anyways, I guess the point of that was to be able to say that NBA 2k12 is anything but shallow.  The depth and realism make the competition in this game more thorough than its competitors.  When I play I legitimately feel like I’m the superiorly athletic one when all I’m doing is controlling superior athletes.  That’s a joke, I’m not that nerdy, but you get the picture.  It’s a given that these qualities are bound to give you numerous sports-gaming experiences which you won’t soon forget.  It doesn’t matter if you choose to play with a friend or take the battle-tested and super smart A.I. to the hardwood.  Here’s an experience I had with a friend recently.  For identity’s sake, we’ll call him “Tyrone Sands.”

So Tyrone and I decided to do a best-of-7 series with stakes on the line in which we placed players from all over the league onto our favorite teams.  Mine is the Washington Wizards, his is the Boston Celtics.  This is different from a “draft” in that we weren’t actually drafting, more like hand-picking select players to play for us.  Since I’m a seasoned veteran of this game and he considers himself a “lesser talent” a spread had to be initiated.  The handicap in this game required me to draft players that were only rated between a 70 Overall and a 79 Overall.  He was able to draft players in the 80s (80-89).  There are a total of 9 players ranked in the 90s.  To give you an idea of some who were off-limits I’ll name a few:  Kobe Bryant (94 OVR), Lebron James (98 OVR), Dwayne Wade (95 OVR), Dwight Howard (94 OVR).  So while you couldn’t consider his team “great” you could call it really good and mine fell just short of that.  Good vs. Really Good?  I told him I’d take that challenge and we got to it.  Here are the rosters so you can be the judges of the match-ups:


My Starters:

PG – Ricky Rubio (77 OVR)
SG – Steven Jackson (79 OVR)
SF – Michael Beasley (78 OVR)
PF – Serge Ibaka (79 OVR)
C – Demarcus Cousins (78 OVR)

My Bench:

6 – Michael Conley (77 OVR)
7 – Iman Shumpert (78 OVR)
8 – Paul George (77 OVR)
9 – Greg Monroe (77 OVR)
10 – Roy Hibbert (76 OVR)
11 – O.J. Mayo (77 OVR)
12 – David Lee (79 OVR)

Tyrone’s Starters:

PG – Deron Williams (87 OVR)
SG – Rudy Gay (85 OVR)
SF – Paul Pierce (84 OVR)
PF – Kevin Love (88 OVR)
C – Andrew Bynum (87 OVR)

Tyrone’s Bench:

6 – Rajan Rondo (86 OVR)
7 – Manu Ginobili (85 OVR)
8 – Andre Igoudala (86 OVR)
9 – Blake Griffin (85 OVR)
10 – Tim Duncan (84 OVR)
11 – John Wall (81 OVR)
12 – Dirk Nowitzki (83 OVR)


While that may look like a significant advantage for Tyrone it’s actually kind of misleading.  After the maneuvering of players his Celtics were then rated the #1 team in the game understandably so, but my Wizards became the 5th-rated team in the game.  So while there’s a mismatch at almost every position, when you look at in terms of the team’s collectivity it was a near-fair matchup.

The Stakes:

Two drinks at the bar of the winner’s choice.  However, standard procedure between me and my friend Tyrone allows a double-or-nothing bet which I am going to write about later as it has been recently proposed.

The Outcome:

I won the series in five.  After a Game 1 102-95 hard-fought victory over Tyrone in Boston game 2 was all-important.  Tyrone saw himself with a 15-point 3rd-quarter lead and Paul Pierce leading his team along the way with 20 points.  I slowly started to creep back into the game and the lead dwindled eventually ending the game in a 100-100 tie and sending it to overtime.  After a wild overtime period, seeing Rajan Rondo doing his usual dipsy-doo passes and Pierce making tough shot after tough shot Tyrone took his only victory of the series evening it at 1-1.

Game 3 was the true momentum-setter of the series as Tyrone saw himself with another double-digit lead in the 2nd half only to see it slip away once again.  I cut it to a 1-point game with 22 seconds left and had the ball for the last shot.  The ideal move was to go to Michael Beasley in the post as he had been my dominant player for the game.  With 2.2 seconds left I attempted a fade-away jumper in the post and got fouled.  Beasley knocked down both free throws to win the game by 1 in regulation leaving Tyrone deflated yet determined.  But the series was decided at that point.  Tyrone couldn’t bounce back from his Game 3 loss and saw his team lose motivation in Games 4 and 5 allowing me to win by comfortable margins and take the series down. 


This is what the sports-gaming experience is all about.  The trash talking, the competition, your money on the line, and the eventual camaraderie you can have with your friends is the ultimate experience for me.  I won the bet and it feels good, Tyrone lost the bet and wants to play more.  You can’t knock an experience like that; one that is fun and rewarding even if you lose.  Speaking of the bet I only got to have the two whiskey and cokes I planned on getting off my boy hypothetically.  So since I forgot to follow up on the bet we have another one of these blogs coming.  So lucky for you all!  Do you feel so blessed?  To be continued…


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