Prometheus: Thoughts and Conclusions

As a piece of film, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is fantastic. It has everything a summer blockbuster movie should have: action, romance, spaceships, and stunning visuals. Yet why do I feel so confused about my feelings towards it? Hit the jump below to read my take on the film.

Prometheus follows the story of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw as she seeks to discover the origins of human life on a distant alien planet. She is supported by a cast of wonderful characters including David (Michael Fassbender) an android with no feelings or emotions, Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) the Weyland Industries liaison on the mission, as well as Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) and Janek (Idris Elba) the swarthy pilot.

First, what I enjoyed about the film. Right from the start the visuals and set pieces of the film blew me away. We’re talking Avatar-good spaceship control panels and contrails. I’m glad I saw it in 3D because this is one of the few films I have seen recently that I actually felt the 3D added to the film.

The casting for the movie was excellent as well. Michael Fassbender was clearly the stand-out for me in this regard, as his portrayal of David the heartless android was unbelievable. The rest of the cast was well rounded and in my opinion there weren’t but a few flat characters (and most met their ends quickly.) Noomi Repace didn’t shine for me like she did in the Swedish edition of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but there were a few scenes were she performed up to her skill level. A few of the other characters deserved more screen time in my opinion, but of the minor characters Idris Elba was the most enjoyable.

Now for what I still find confusing. The film should not have been labeled as a “prequel.” I’m not sure if that is the fault of the marketing department or whether we as fans of the Alien series entrenched ourselves too deeply into the thought of said tagline. I felt the plot tried to be too action-packed at times and at times too over the top, but overall it was fairly enjoyable. I would have liked to see the film expand more upon the (SPOILER ALERT) Human-like aliens and less on their creepy-crawly denizens. (MORE SPOILERS) The story was set-up as a search for the origins of human life, but as the plot drew closer to answering some of those questions the script decided to continue in a completely different direction. It well written or entertaining but I would have liked it to have gone down a different path towards its conclusion. But then again I’m not an Oscar-winning director or Emmy-winning scrip-writer. The story itself leads to more questions than answers in the end (BUT WAIT THERES MORE SPOILERS) and, as is Hollywood fashion these days, sets itself up for a sequel.

In the end the movie was enjoyable and kept me entertained, and at points solidly grossed out, which for me, makes it a successful film. Prometheus has stunning visuals and CGI effects as well as outstanding performances from its leading actors despite a somewhat dull and over-hyped narrative.


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