The top three reasons why I “LOVE” Call of Duty

Call of Duty might be the greatest thing since the invention of the toaster oven

For years, I have been a loyal Halo fan on my Xbox and Xbox 360. To me, it is the best shooter on the market in terms of being a gratifying single player experience and competitive and fun multiplayer to waste hours on until two in the morning.

I played Call of Duty for the longest time and recently fell out of favor with it, yet I still can’t figure out something that should be completely fundamental. Why is it that Call of Duty games continue to dominate the Xbox sales charts and Xbox Live charts? It makes almost as much sense to me as the ending of Prometheus, and that quite simply is not at all.

Well ladies and gentleman, I have recently dug in deep and done an independent study into the phenomenon known as “Call of Duty” and have come back from the abyss to give you now three reasons why Call of Duty is without question, the best shooter on the market today and of all time for ever and ever.

It comes down to three basic things:


Guys, I finished Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops and figured out the secret to crafting a brilliant video game. In each of the games levels, you need to present the gamer with a world that looks completely open with a seemingly wealth of options that the gamer can use to complete the level, and then not let them employ any of those options. Want to flank the enemy by using that building as cover and taking them from behind? Nope, make sure you follow Captain. Bad Ass over there (he has the big FOLLOW label over his head. He’s hard to miss) right down the middle of the level and right into the teeth of the enemy. Don’t want to do this sniping bit and instead just go around and start killing enemies left and right like the Rambo that you think you are? Well you could do that, but then either the game will kill you instantly with a company of Russian terrorists or make sure said Russian terrorists kill underdeveloped character X, who you are supposed to be protecting by the way. I love when my modern games limit the ways that I can approach a level down to 1a and 1b. Taking away my freedom sure is awesome.

Not to mention the EXHILARATING cut-scenes game-play sequences that are supposed to make you feel like you’re in an action movie. Oh, I’m feeling it Activision. When I snowmobiled down that hill in Modern Warfare 2, I was never more excited than when I held LT and RT and shifted the control stick slightly to the left or right more than in that moment. Bravo boys, bravo.


This was arguably my favorite part of the multiplayer experience. I loved spending time leveling up to earn new guns that felt exactly like the guns I already had. Each gun didn’t feel more or less powerful than another gun in my arsenal and reading the statistics of each gun didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting people with the Skorpion sub machine gun or the M4 Assault rifle, they’ll die in the same amount of rounds regardless so you might as well stick with the guns you already have. It’s a wonderful game-play mechanism where leveling up to get new guns turns into the worlds largest dick measuring contest. Oh, you have a G36C? Well I have a MK14. It does the same thing but I had to be level 60 to get this gun so I’m so much cooler.


You know what I love? I to watch and play games that are complete blow-outs. It is so much fun to be in a game and be dominating by 20 kills the entire game and just calling in helicopters in order to put my team up by 35 while half the other team checks out of the game and you’re left hunting down 3 players. So much fun! Games that are competitive that can have multiple lead changes and have you sitting on the edge of your seat knowing that each and every point could make the difference in winning or losing a game? Puh-lease, where is the fun in that? It helps that Call of Duty has a system designed so that the rich get richer and continue to pile on kills. Get a bunch of kills in a row? Here is an AC130 gunship. It’s too bad the other team won’t be able to get an AC130 now because you keep killing them with your AC130. Feel the excitement.

There you have it! The three reasons why Call of Duty is the greatest most stupendous first person shooter ever to come around, is so much better than Halo, and may be quite simply the best game of the market today if not the greatest video game of all time.


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