Who’s Who in Game of Thrones


Here is a brief rundown of the main characters in Season Two of Game of Thrones

In Game of Thrones there is a plethora of characters and to include all of them would be  confusing. This article focuses on the main characters for season 2 to give you an idea of what went on, and what you can expect. There’s also a nice recap of who is vying for/ has rights to the Iron Throne at the end.



The widow of Ned Stark, the former lord of Winterfell.  She has been with Robb during his time at war. On her embassy mission to bring the Baratheon brothers to join an alliance against the Lannisters she witnesses the assassination of Renly, and flees with Brienne of Tarth.  After receiving the news that Winterfell had been taken and her sons killed, she believes that it is her duty as a mother to get her daughters back from King’s Landing. She releases Jamie Lannister under the guardianship of Brienne Tarth to exchange him for her 2 daughters.


The King in the North is still trying to avenge his father’s death.  He has fallen for Jeyne a woman from a lesser house and married her. This is a problem because he has already promised to marry a Frey which gave them access to The Crossing, as well as the Frey allegiance.  When he hears Theon Greyjoy, a man who was like a brother to him has taken his home and killed his brothers, he decides to send Roose Bolton to take back Winterfell and bring Theon to him.

John (Snow)

The bastard of Ned Stark who is a brother of the Night’s Watch.  A large party of brothers have gone beyond the wall in search for what the wildlings have been up to, as well as to look for John’s uncle.  After kidnapping  Ygritte a Wildling woman, he spares her life. Later she leads him into a trap where he is captured with Qhorin Halfhand and is being brought to Mance Raydor an ex-brother of the Night’s Watch who is planning to attack the wall.  Jon kills Qhorin to make it look as though he is a turn cloak, so that he may investigate the Wildlings and send word back to the wall.


The oldest daughter in the Stark household who is betrothed Joffery Baratheon.  After the battle of Blackwater Margery Tyrell says that she wishes to marry Joffery because this gains the force of Tyrell and Highwater, Joffery accepts.  Now Sansa is a prisoner at King’s Landing and her fate is unknown.  She is kept alive because she is a daughter of the North and the Lannisters believe she could be useful in the future.


The lord in Winterfell after his father was killed and his brother went off to war.  He has recently discovered that he has the power of the “third eye” where he and his dire wolf are one.  After Theon Greyjoy sacked Winterfell, Bran and his brother Rickon went into hiding in the crypts, along with the half-giant Hodor, and the Wildling woman Osha.  After Winterfell is burned the small group makes plans to head North to the Wall and meet with Jon Snow.


After the death of her father, a Man of the Night’s Watch hid Arya as a boy amongst the recruits for the Night’s Watch.  After Lannister guards attacked the group she was taken hostage at Harrenhal, where she became Lord Tywin’s cup bearer.  With the help of Jaqen H’ghar she was able to escape.  Jaqen H’gar offers to bring her to Bravos, but she feels that she must try and find her family who she has been away from since her father’s death.



The commander of the Lannister Army and the main force preventing Robb Stark from reaching Kings Landing as well as Stannis from breaching it.  He is faced with the decision to attack Robb Stark or to return to King’s Landing to defend it.  With the help of Peyter Baelish (Littlefinger) he is able to obtain the support of the Tyrells and defeat Stannis’s army as they are about to breach the walls.  After the battle he is named the new Hand of the King replacing Tyrion.


The Queen Regent. Although Joffery is of age to rule, he has not yet taken a wife, therefore Cersei is still the acting Queen.  She is trying to control the realm but she does not realize how many things are working behind her back.  Especially with her younger brother Tyrion as Hand to the king. He is able to put men loyal to him in place of the people she had set up.  At the battle of the Blackwater she takes the precaution of having Ilyn Payne as well as poison at hand to take her life as well as the life of her young son, Tommen, if Stannis should overtake the Keep. After the battle she encourages Joffery to take the hand of Margery Tyrell so that the kingdom will grow more powerful.


The hand of the king.  After being appointed to the office of the hand by his father, Tyrion quickly picked up the reins and took control of King’s Landing.  Working behind his sister’s back, Tyrion was able to prepare for the attack from Stannis.  After the Hound flees the battle because of the wildfire that is consuming the battlefield, Tyrion leads the attack. On the field he is wounded and would have been killed if it was not for his squire, Podrick.  He awakens to find that he has been stripped of his title, and his fate is in the hand’s of his sister’s care takers.


Joffery is the child born of incest of his mother and uncle.  His throne is being challenged by Stannis and Renly Baratheon, the brothers of the recently deceased king.  While he is king he is still a boy, and much of the duties that a King should have are being done by his mother, the Queen and his uncle, the Hand.  He is not well respected among his people and at one point is attacked by a mob.  Even during the battle of Blackwater he retreats into the castle.  After the battle he pledges to wed Margery Tyrell, so that Kings Landing and High Garden will be united.



Stannis is the older brother of the deceased king Robert Baratheon, who won the throne by conquest.  After it was revealed that Joffery was not the son of Robert Baratheon, Stannis believed it was his right to be king.  With the help of the red priestess Melisandra, he assassinated his brother Renly and rallied most of his troops to his cause. During the battle of Blackwater he is flanked by Tywin Lannister and Loras Tyrell, and is forced to flee.


The bastard son of the deceased King Robert.  He was in the recruits headed to the wall, and also the reason they were attacked in the first place, because Queen Cersei ordered that all of Robert’s bastards be found and killed, to prevent an uprising against her son Joffery.  However he is unaware that he has a right to the Iron Throne. He is able to stay alive at Harrenlhal by proving his use as a blacksmith, until the time that arose where he Arya and Hot Pie were able to escape.



After her father Aegon Targaryen was killed by Jamie Lannister, Daenerys and her brother Viserys, fled King’s Landing.  She is currently in Quarth looking for a way to take back the kingdom that was taken from her.  She is taking care of and training her 3 dragons with the help of Jorah Mormont, the exiled knight from Westeros.  The Warlocks of Quarth kidnap her dragons, she goes to rescue them and her dragons burn the warlocks for their first kill.  She then takes the key to Xaro Xhoan Daxos’s vault and plans on uses that wealth to purchase he ships to make it back to Westeros.




Theon’s initial intentions were to go back to his father and gain support for Robb and his army against the Lannisters.  However upon returning home his father and sister, Yara, reminded Theon that he was a ward of the Starks and a Greyjoy by blood. Theon joins his family and proceeds to overtake Winterfell.  He believed that his father and sister, Yara, would be proud of his accomplishment, but they accused him of not understanding the Iron Way, and that Winterfell was too far away from the sea.  Winterfell is surrounded by Roose Bolton’s men and Theon tries to convince his group that they would die glorious deaths.  His men turn on him instead, burn Winterfell and head back to the Iron Islands.

People who are trying to take the Iron Throne:

Joffery Baratheon (Jamie and Cersei’s son) currently sits the Iron Throne in Kings Landing.

Stannis Baratheon believes he deserves the Iron Throne, because he believes Joffery is not a true Baratheon. His younger brother, Renly believed he had rights as well but was assassinated by Stanis’ red priestess.

Gendry is a bastard of Robert Baratheon and is technically the oldest son to the dead King Robert, making him the rightful heir by birthright.

Robb Stark wants to avenge his father by defeating the Lannisters. However he also is content with being King of the North, and had made a deal with Renly before he died that Renly could sit the Iron Throne. So it is unclear whether Robb Stark truly wants to be the King of Westeros.

Daenerys is the daughter of Mad King Aegon Targaryeon, who was killed by his Kingsguard Jamie Lannister. She too wants to avenge her father’s death and take back what would have passed to her after her father’s death.

Balon Greyjoy was defeated in the previous war, and wants vengeance on his enemies, after he was defeated by the Starks and Baratheons in the last war.


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