Peter Spain:

I Like Open World RPG’s: From Fallout to GTA to Borderlands.
Not a huge fan of fighting games but I do respect them.
First Person Shooters are hit or miss.

Studying at George Mason University
Business Major
Video Game Design Minor

Hope to be a Director of Development for a developing company some day.

Find The Best, Play The Best, Be The Best.


Justin Brooks:

Information Technology Major at George Mason University

I like MMOs and RPGs, with the occasional shooter on the side.

Favorite movies are American Psycho and LotR.


Chris Lewis:

Graduated George Mason Dec ’09 with a BA in Government and Intl Politics along with a Film and Visual Studies Minor

Xbox360 gamertag: botlofchrisTALL
PSN ID: botlofchrisTALL

Currently Playing:  Mass Effect 2, NBA 2k12

Big fan of RPGs, Sandbox-style, and Sports games. I am a sucker for the occasional narrative-driven linear titles like Alan Wake and Uncharted though too.

Favorite movies are Pulp Fiction and then too many to list as possible #2s after that

Nick Rajan:

Computer Game Design Major at George Mason University, and thinking about doing another major in Psychology- mainly because I think it goes well with Game Design and I find it interesting.

I enjoy playing almost all genre of games. Although I will say it takes a great sports game to hold my attention for long. I am a big fan of platformers, RPGs (Open world or Linear), Adventure Games, FPS games, RTS games, and right now I am playing a lot of fighting games.

Currently Playing: Street Fighter 4 series, Heavy Rain, Heroes of Newerth

I watch all types of movies; normally my favorites are action movies. For example from 2010 my favorite movies were – Inception, The Fighter, True Grit, and How to Train Your Dragon.

I hope to work as a 3d Modeller or Animator someday at a game developer.


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