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Mad Men Finale: The Email Chain

After watching the final episode of the current season of Mad Men, I quickly took to Facebook chat to have the usual episode breakdown with my friend Chris Bentivegna. The discussion proved to be very lengthy so we decided to wait until the next day to reconvene, and let the episode set in a little more. We also decided to take our discussion to an email chain where we could write at more length than Facebook chat. What follows is the several emails we sent back and forth and the conclusions we drew from them. (Chris also writes a Boston sports blog over a that I’m sure he would love for you to check out)

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Prometheus: Thoughts and Conclusions

As a piece of film, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is fantastic. It has everything a summer blockbuster movie should have: action, romance, spaceships, and stunning visuals. Yet why do I feel so confused about my feelings towards it? Hit the jump below to read my take on the film.

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Finger Painting 101

While most of my time is usually taken up watching movies, playing video games or catching up reading A Song of Ice and Fire, this month I found some time to take a dive into a little bit of painting. I’m an avid fan and player of cornhole so I thought, what better way to show of my current favorite show and book than paint some sigils on some boards! Attached is a photo of the set, and you can check out the link below which will take you to my tumblr and even more photos.



My First Day With Diablo 3

My first full day with the game was completed today as I was not able to log on at all yesterday because of multiple bugs and server outages that were being experienced by almost everyone. Some might say this is a bad sign for Blizzard, but all it really means is that open night/day sales far surpassed what Blizzard was expecting. This is a GOOD thing, even though the servers were a little rough for the first couple of hours. Read More…

Review: The Avengers

My first midnight premiere of the year, the first of many, was Marvel’s The Avengers. I was not disappointed.

From beginning to end there was non-stop action and incredible set pieces that kept me engaged fully. The almost two and a half hour movie flew by and left me wanting more. Writer/director Joss Whedon gives every nerd in the world the movie we all want and deserve and has raised the bar for all superhero movies to come. Read More…

Trailer for Jason Statham’s New Movie – Killer Elite

Jason Statham returns to his old action movie prime with the new trailer for Killer Elite. With a supporting cast of Clive Owen and Rebert De Niro, this looks like it could be a solid film. Check out the trailer below. The film is set to premiere on September 23rd.

Battlefield 3 – Operation Metro Trailer

Sorry Modern Warfare 3 fanboys, this game just keeps looking more awesome with every new trailer they put out. 80 nominations and 47 wins at E3 is also incredibly impressive. Check the new trailer below which features a new multiplayer mission that appears to be a checkpoint based match as the squad in the video pushes further and further into the metro station, but we will just have to wait and find out as more information surfaces.

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