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Prometheus: Thoughts and Conclusions

As a piece of film, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is fantastic. It has everything a summer blockbuster movie should have: action, romance, spaceships, and stunning visuals. Yet why do I feel so confused about my feelings towards it? Hit the jump below to read my take on the film.

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3 Great Prologue scenes

3 Movies that have great Prologue openings

You may say that the beginning of most movies is a prologue, however there is a key element that makes these movies different. What makes these 3 movies special is the fact that if you were to watch these sequences on their own, they would still tell a complete story.  These prologues have no relation on the rest of the movie, but are purely examples of great character introductions with 5-10 minute sequences. Read More…

Review: The Avengers

My first midnight premiere of the year, the first of many, was Marvel’s The Avengers. I was not disappointed.

From beginning to end there was non-stop action and incredible set pieces that kept me engaged fully. The almost two and a half hour movie flew by and left me wanting more. Writer/director Joss Whedon gives every nerd in the world the movie we all want and deserve and has raised the bar for all superhero movies to come. Read More…

Your Weekly Movie Drinking Game Recommendation (4/30-5/6)

In case you’re wondering what I’m listening to while I write this and I know you’re all on the edge of your seat!  It’s Phoenix.  The indie-rock group Phoenix from France.  All day long.  What a great band, they are so cool.  With their rolling guitar and pronounced keyboard melodies coupled with great vocals and lyrics, the band fr- ahh, what am I doing?  I’m supposed to be talking about a drinking game and a movie.  Sidebar alert!  Screw it.

Somebody got DRunk last night.  Somebody got cute and decided that it’d be a good idea to do a drinking game on a Tuesday night being unaware of what the possible outcome could be.  Well, two people because I played this one with a good friend, I’ll just refer to her as Helen of Troy.  (SHOUTOUT!:  Thanks for doing this with me.)  I knew going into this it would be an ambitious one and having seen the movie I was certainly aware of the excessiveness of this event.  However, I never really thought of it in terms of drinking and exact numbers.  Truthfully, the only research I did was to see if this had been done before.  And while I’m sure thousands of people have attempted this around the world on a whim or on the regular not a soul has written about it.  They have drinking games for this movie online but none of them pertain to what I’m going to enlighten you on.  So I thought what the hell?  Enjoy!  But wait, the rules, I promise I won’t do this too much more.

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Your Weekly Movie Drinking Game Recommendation (4/23-4/29)

Hello everyone.  This is the first installment of a new segment at A Bunch of Slackers.  In this weekly segment we will watch movies and drink during them so as to experiment and share with our readers the best and not so best movie drinking games that people have thought of and recommended.  Future recommendations are always welcome.  Keep in mind that a good movie drinking game involves a certain funny/dramatic/ironic instance that is repeated several times over the course of the film.  For example, how many times does Paul Walker say “bro” in the first Fast and the Furious, or any of the Fast and the Furious movies for that matter?  I can estimate that it would be enough to get me to 5:00 Eastern Hammertime.  Seriously, he says “bro” way too much.  Perhaps I’ll do this one later; the least it could do is make that movie more enjoyable.  But I digress.

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Great Movie Scene Chronicles Part V


Hello there friends. We’re back again this week with another great movie scene. This one is from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

So I was driving with a friend of mine to the Wizards game last night and we got about halfway (8 minutes from the Verizon Center) before I realized that I had forgotten the tickets at home. Aside from the fact that I’m not a Nazi, this is exactly how I felt when I realized what had happened. Advice for the day: don’t forget your ticket. Then you won’t get beat up by Harrison Ford on a train whether it be metaphorically, like my case, or physically.

Enjoy the day!

Great Movie Scene Chronicles Part IV

Hey there friends. It’s been a while and all of us at A Bunch of Slackers (previously GeekTeamSix) apologize. In our absence please know that all we were doing was being awesome. This includes, hanging out with Charlie Sheen, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, and Barney Stinson. Seriously they are all cool guys and we just hung out and ate sandwiches and went to church with them. To the movies!

Today’s great scene stems from Almost Famous, a personal favorite of mine. Prior to the scene you’re about to view the band that is center to the film’s story is at a boiling point. Poorly designed t-shirts rendering their guitarist (Billy Crudup) front and center and the rest of the band as blurred out silhouettes leads to an argument. The guitarist then proceeds to drop acid for a couple of hours at a house party claiming he is looking for something “real.” After the iconic scene in which he stands on the roof of the house that the party takes place screaming he is a “golden god” he leaves and goes back to be with his bandmates, all the while coming down from his hallucinogenic bender. Judging by the looks on the faces of his colleagues in this scene they still haven’t gotten over the previous fight from the T-Shirt. Then this ensues.

Apparently all it takes to get a band “back together” is to put on a little Elton John and be awkwardly silent for a few minutes. This is also how I attempt to get laid.

This powerful scene sends chills down my spine everytime and it’s tied together beautifully by a great song. Try to watch this with a group of people and not sing along when the line “Blue Jean Baby, LA Lady” is dropped. It’s impossible.

Enjoy the day!

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