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Jack White Ranked from Good to Better

I didn’t want to use the clichéd title of “Best to Worst.”  Truth is I may be a little too biased to be writing this article because as an avid listener and fan I don’t believe Jack White the performer is capable of procuring a bad album.  In his time with the White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather, and with his newly released solo-album Blunderbuss the guitarist, singer/songwriter, pianist, and drummer has covered blues, country, metal and punk with more than one unmatchable approach.  His unique take on classic genres has him establishing himself into modern rock legend as we speak.  So I figured it was about time to rank his albums as a member of his three bands and as a solo artist.  Not counting his time on the Danger Mouse produced Rome or the live albums Under Great White Northern Lights and Under Blackpool Lights by the White Stripes, Jack’s musical apparatus reaches 11 albums total.  Such a delightful number if you ask me.  Why not just rank the top 10 and make the odd man out an honorable mention?  Because this list goes to 11!  Enjoy. Read More…


Album Rec’s For Your FACE!

I’m feeling nostalgic today.  In honor, here’s some obscure and famous album rec’s from the old days, modern and classic, that’ll hopefully get you through your current day.  Enjoy music junkies!

*Nostalgic & Obscure Modern Album Recommendation*:  The Greenhornes, Dual Mono (2002)

Summary:  If you love Classic Rock, there is something here for you.  The album strings together 12 songs of blazing guitar melodies and the occasional drifting keyboard bit.  Each song sounds like an homage to the past, whether it’s Fleetwood Mac or late 60’s psychedelia.  This band is also the home and birthplace of Raconteur’s drummer Patrick Keeler and bassist Jack Lawrence.  Jack White approves of these guys and it’s apparent why.

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