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My First Day With Diablo 3

My first full day with the game was completed today as I was not able to log on at all yesterday because of multiple bugs and server outages that were being experienced by almost everyone. Some might say this is a bad sign for Blizzard, but all it really means is that open night/day sales far surpassed what Blizzard was expecting. This is a GOOD thing, even though the servers were a little rough for the first couple of hours. Read More…

Geek Team Six’s Most Anticipated Games Pt. 3

Benti’s List

This is another part in the collaborative effort of the GTS writers to bring you the most anticipated games of the upcoming year.

NBA 2k12

Yeah, I know Chris already did NBA 2K12, but give me my turn with it.

NBA 2k11 was the absolute pinnacle of sports gaming that it’s almost difficult to describe. It was an easy game to learn if you were picking up a controller for the first time, but one of the most difficult games to master. I was still learning things about the game in January of 2011, and the game came out in October 2010. It keep the game fresh and interesting.

Read More…

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