The Ultimate Sports-Gaming Series (NBA 2k12)

Hello people!  I’m here to talk about a basketball simulation and a recent competition I had with said simulation but what is at the forefront of my mind right now are those before-and-after-balding-cures-for-Men commercials.  Those things are ridiculous.  They show the depressed bald guy before, then the newly acquainted ridiculously good looking guy after.  In addition to re-establishing your hairline apparently these balding cures give you MUSCLES and a TAN!  You don’t even have to look close or put your contacts in to see that the “before” is not the same person as the “after.”  Then it gets worse when the women in these say things like, “oh my God he just looks so much better now, I love him more and more each day.”  Because you didn’t love your husband when he didn’t have strands of protein growing out of his head?  Oh Lucille, you’re so shallow.  Don’t take those floaties off when you stray from the kiddy-pool you might drown.

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3 Great Prologue scenes

3 Movies that have great Prologue openings

You may say that the beginning of most movies is a prologue, however there is a key element that makes these movies different. What makes these 3 movies special is the fact that if you were to watch these sequences on their own, they would still tell a complete story.  These prologues have no relation on the rest of the movie, but are purely examples of great character introductions with 5-10 minute sequences. Read More…

Jack White Ranked from Good to Better

I didn’t want to use the clichéd title of “Best to Worst.”  Truth is I may be a little too biased to be writing this article because as an avid listener and fan I don’t believe Jack White the performer is capable of procuring a bad album.  In his time with the White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather, and with his newly released solo-album Blunderbuss the guitarist, singer/songwriter, pianist, and drummer has covered blues, country, metal and punk with more than one unmatchable approach.  His unique take on classic genres has him establishing himself into modern rock legend as we speak.  So I figured it was about time to rank his albums as a member of his three bands and as a solo artist.  Not counting his time on the Danger Mouse produced Rome or the live albums Under Great White Northern Lights and Under Blackpool Lights by the White Stripes, Jack’s musical apparatus reaches 11 albums total.  Such a delightful number if you ask me.  Why not just rank the top 10 and make the odd man out an honorable mention?  Because this list goes to 11!  Enjoy. Read More…

Finger Painting 101

While most of my time is usually taken up watching movies, playing video games or catching up reading A Song of Ice and Fire, this month I found some time to take a dive into a little bit of painting. I’m an avid fan and player of cornhole so I thought, what better way to show of my current favorite show and book than paint some sigils on some boards! Attached is a photo of the set, and you can check out the link below which will take you to my tumblr and even more photos.



Max Payne 3 Review


Max Payne 3

Rockstar Vacouver recently released the third installment of Max Payne.  A down on his luck ex-detective finds himself working as a body guard for a prominent South American family. After a few kidnappings, gun fights and haircuts later, Max finds himself in the middle of corruption and scandals as he uses a shoot first ask questions never tactic to figure out solutions. Read More…

My First Day With Diablo 3

My first full day with the game was completed today as I was not able to log on at all yesterday because of multiple bugs and server outages that were being experienced by almost everyone. Some might say this is a bad sign for Blizzard, but all it really means is that open night/day sales far surpassed what Blizzard was expecting. This is a GOOD thing, even though the servers were a little rough for the first couple of hours. Read More…

Review: The Avengers

My first midnight premiere of the year, the first of many, was Marvel’s The Avengers. I was not disappointed.

From beginning to end there was non-stop action and incredible set pieces that kept me engaged fully. The almost two and a half hour movie flew by and left me wanting more. Writer/director Joss Whedon gives every nerd in the world the movie we all want and deserve and has raised the bar for all superhero movies to come. Read More…

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